ACID-FREE Iced Americano

ACID-FREE Iced Americano

If you have an espresso maker at home this is a MUST TRY.  Don't walk RUN and go make some Tylers Coffees espresso...

Simply grind your Whole Bean or use Tylers Ground Coffee and make 2 shots of espresso in a small mug.  Add ice to a larger cup and pour the espresso shots over the ice.  Top with Oat, Almond or your milk of choice! (We like dairy free).


Tips to make the best espresso:

-be sure that you follow the instructions your machine recommends

-grind your coffee as fine as possible for best taste

-Pack the espresso nearly to the top but not quite full

-it depends on the machine, but you want to pack the espresso level and make sure there is enough, so that the water flows through smoothly

-use purified or better yet alkaline water  


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