Full Spectrum v Broad Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum v Broad Spectrum CBD

July 21, 2021

There are multiple elements that make up Full-spectrum CBD.  These include terpenes and flavonoids.  Having these components can help make full-spectrum more beneficial for many  and can also lead to the “entourage effect” which can increase health benefits.  Read more on the “entourage effect” here, The Case for the Entourage Effect and Conventional Breeding of Clinical Cannabis: No “Strain,” No Gain (  Please note that if you take a high dose of full-spectrum CBD you could have a similar “high” sensation as you would have with thc, while this is unlikely it is possible.

Full-Spectrum CBD has incredible pros such as relief for anxiety, pain, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure.  Broad Spectrum can also have many of these benefits as well.

While Full-Spectrum CBD is arguably more “effective”, Broad Spectrum CBD does not contain any trace levels of thc, therefore there is no risk of feeling “high” to a degree.  

Both CBD types are helpful for many people, however, as said above, Full-Spectrum is the winner for effectiveness.  

With that we bring you LIFTTED Coffee.  The World’s First and Only Acid-Free single serve CBD cup.  15 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD + Acid-Free Coffee! LIFTTED Coffee uses only the highest quality ingredients for a superior taste and feel. Our full-spectrum CBD is superior to competitor's broad spectrum CBD, allowing us to offer the complete and purest benefits of CBD. Pair this with our 100% AAA Arabica Coffee roasted to Acid-Free perfection for a genuine lifted experience.

Please note: Full Spectrum CBD may contain low amounts of THC (up to 0.3 % when federally legal)


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