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Recipe: Acid Free Bulletproof Coffee

Recipe: Acid Free Bulletproof Coffee

March 08, 2017 1 Comment

BULLETPROOF, or Ketoproof Coffee, is the basis of the “Bulletproof Diet”. While the Bulletproof Coffee is a phenomenal beginning to your day, the rest of the Bulletproof Diet is bull%#!@. We’re not here to talk about that though. Consisting of a MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, such as Coconut Oil, a fatty substance, such as Grass-Fed butter, and coffee, there are many benefits and a large energy gain from this high caloried cup.

Starting off your day with a cup of coffee is already second nature, so let’s go over the benefits of the main component. Aside from increased cognitive function from the caffeine, high levels of antioxidants and other caffeine-based benefits have shown to rate coffee as a pretty healthy cup. When using Tylers Coffees, the world’s only Acid Free Coffee, you can eliminate all the negative effects of coffee that are usually caused by acid. With the USDA Organic Certification (and Swiss Water Decaffeination if you’re into that), we can start off the recipe with the healthiest cup of coffee on the market.

Next, the benefits of an MCT oil and the fatty substance. The consumption of MCT’s has shown to increase your bodies effectiveness in losing fat tissue. Similarly, one of the biggest dieting catch 22’s of all time is that weight loss is more efficient with the consumption of fat. It hasalso shown to increase energy and your bodies usage of that energy, adding to the coffee’s caffeine buzz.


Now, how to make it: What you’ll need:


2 CUPS – Coffee (specifically, Tylers Acid Free Coffee) 2 TBSP – Grass Fed Unsalted (or Salted) Butter
2 TBSP – Organic Coconut Oil or MCT Oil
1 TBSP – Heavy Cream (OPTIONAL)
1 TSP – Vanilla Extract (OPTIONAL)
Immersion Blender (May substitute Milk Frother, Blender, or Blender Bottle)


Step 1: Brew 2 Cups worth of coffee into a large container using your favorite method. Use a container large enough to eliminate any spillage during blending.

Step 2: Grab butter, coconut oil, and blender of your choice.

Step 3: Cut 2 TBSP of Grass Fed Butter. Salted tends to be preferred, but test with unsalted if weary of results.

Step 4: Drop in butter, 2 TBSP of your choice MCT oil (we’re using Organic Coconut Oil for the flavor).

Step 5: Add 1 TSP Vanilla Extract and/or 1 TBSP Heavy Cream if using. The cream adds a silkier texture, and the vanilla adds a little bit of flavor.

Step 6: Mix with blender of your choice for 45-60 seconds to achieve the frothy cap. For best results, move the blender up and down to emulsify the fat, aerate the coffee, and add extra froth.

Step 7: Pour and Enjoy (BUT… be careful, that beautiful froth may drip or run a little bit).


Now, your daily cup contains 400-500 calories and up to 50g of fats* for the energy and full feeling you need! To try this recipe, use coupon code “bulletproof” to save 20% on all Tylers Coffees!

*The nutrition facts may vary dependent on oil and butter used

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April 15, 2018

I use bulletproof coffee and their oils. Are there any coffee shops in Boise,Meridian,Eagle or surrounding areas in Idaho where I could try your coffee.

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