Surprise your Valentine with an Acid-Free Raspberry Mocha

Surprise your Valentine with an Acid-Free Raspberry Mocha

Make the perfect pick me up for your Valentine this Sunday 

Here is a little recipe we found and recreated with Tylers Coffees® .

Acid-Free Raspberry Mocha 

First, you need raspberry syrup.  We discovered a healthy recipe for a homemade raspberry syrup, which we have linked below, made with honey. (We substituted maple syrup and it came out great too)!

Whether you would like to make the syrup or buy it, here's what else you will need for a healthy yet tasty Acid-Free Raspberry Mocha

  • A mug of the Tylers Coffee of your choice 
  • About 1-2Tbsp of homemade raspberry syrup or 1-2 pumps (or Tbsp) of store bought
  • 1Tbsp of cacao powder (can use chocolate syrup but we prefer cacao1
  • 1/3 cup coconut milk or milk of choice
  • Extra cacao or dark chocolate pieces 
  • Optional whipped cream (we did not use for this recipe but you certainly can)


Heat 1/3 cup of coconut milk or other milk of choice combined with 1Tbsp of cacao powder.  In a separate mug add 1-2Tbsp of raspberry syrup with half the milk mixture and brew your Tylers Coffee into this mug.  Once the coffee is ready mix well.  

Froth the rest of your coconut milk mixture and pour over the coffee.  Top with dark chocolate pieces and or whipped cream.



Source for Raspberry Sauce

Honey-Sweetened Raspberry Sauce (

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