Your Daily Coffee Might Be Helping Your Brain

Your Daily Coffee Might Be Helping Your Brain

Are you a regular coffee drinker? Or perhaps an Acid-Free Coffee connoisseur?

If so you might actually be doing a lot of good for your brain.  Here are a few sources we found super interesting...

 Coffee Drinking Tied to Beneficial Brain Changes (

Habitual coffee drinkers display a distinct pattern of brain functional connectivity | Molecular Psychiatry (

A few key takeaways that stood out to us, 

  1. Improved Concentration - that’s right, better memory, alertness and staying on task throughout the day.
  2. Regular coffee consumption may help stabilize your mood - without going overboard on the caffeine this study shows that caffeine can increase anxiety but also help stabilize it. 
  3. Your brain is able to process more information with an increase in caffeine intake 

There is a lot of information on the benefits coffee consumption can have on the brain.  We are here to give you a healthier option to sip on.  The World’s First Acid Free Coffee, giving you the benefits of traditional coffee without the acid.

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