• Our Mission

    An alarmingly high number of Americans today still do not know that everyday food and drinks contain harmful acids. Sadly, some of your favorite things from soda you drink to the cheese and bread you eat. One of the worst culprits is your morning cup of coffee. We at Tylers Coffee are here to tip the scale in your favor with the world’s First and Only Acid Free Coffee. Tylers being an acid free coffee is an innovative and revolutionary twist on an age old commodity, as well as arguably the largest invention in the coffee world since decaffeination. Our proprietary “Z-Roasting” Process is the center of it all. Unlike typical roasting processes,the “Z-Roasting” Process does not bloom harmful acids that makes Tylers Coffee less bitter, pH neutral, safe on tooth enamel, safe on your GI Tract, and overall a healthier choice for coffee drinkers around the world.

  • Our Beans

    What good is an Acid Free Coffee unless only the best coffee is used? Tylers Coffees realized this long along and searched near and far for the bean with the best flavor profiles to compliment our process. We finally came along the highest quality USDA Organic Certified AAA Arabica Beans, single-sourced from Chiapas, Mexico. The beans maturation is timed for the perfect harvesting time, every time. Our commitment to you is to always produce our coffee as naturally as possible and with only the highest quality beans, every time.

  • The Acid Free ``Z-Roasting`` Process

    The “Z-Roasting” Process is a proprietary process which prevents the natural acidity found in coffee beans to bloom. During the typical roasting process, the excess heat caused the Tannic and Lipid Acids to form. This excess heat is also known to burn off the natural caffeine, forcing them to add artificial caffeine that causes a nasty crash. Tylers Coffee contains almost 2x the natural caffeine as the leading brand. Our process involves computerized monitoring of temperature, air, humidity and other atmospheric conditions to allow each individual coffee bean to reach perfection. Since it is computerized, we deliver perfectly roasted coffee beans, creating unparalleled consistency from cup to cup. The ground coffee is ground in specific micro-grind sizes and specially blended together.

  • Chemical-Free Swiss Water Decaf Process

    Tylers Acid Free Decaffeinated Coffee is made using a chemical-free Swiss Water Process. This process is a non-solvent method for decaffeinating un-roasted beans developed in Switzerland. In this process, the coffee beans are soaked in caffeine-free green coffee extract so the caffeine is extracted from the bean into the water, allowing the flavor profiles to remain in the bean. The caffeine saturated green coffee extract is then processed through activated charcoal to remove caffeine, and reused to extract the next batch of beans. The finished beans are dried to original moisture levels resulting in 99.9% caffeine-free. This process is special because the only other way to capture caffeine is to introduce a volatile solvent, such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. The caffeine sticks to the solvents and then dehydrated. In the Swiss Water process, no chemicals are used, keeping our USDA Organic Certification.

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