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Treat your Valentine to this Acid-Free treat!

Treat your Valentine to this Acid-Free treat!

February 08, 2022

Impress your Valentine this year with a simple acid-free mocha latte.  Just 3 easy ingredients!

What you will need, 

1. Brewed Tylers Acid-Free Coffee (we recommend espresso but brewed will work just fine!)

2. Milk of choice - we like Vanilla Oat milk for this one (can use regular oat with vanilla extract too).

3. Chocolate of choice - we recommend chocolate orange or raspberry flavored to give it a fruity kick!


Melt your chocolate in a mug then add brewed Tylers Coffee in and sir well.  Hear and froth milk and pour on top.  To make it a little extra add in chocolate pieces on top and whipped cream if you're feeling fancy!


Happy V-Day from the Tylers Coffee team!

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