5 Milk Alternatives To Try in Your Coffee

5 Milk Alternatives To Try in Your Coffee

If you like to add a little creaminess to your Tylers Coffees® here is our latest Mylk inspiration just for you!

    1. Classic Almond - Almond milk is everywhere and if you are a lover of non dairy milk then almond is likely one you have tried.  There are a variety of great almond milk brands out there including flavored, vanilla, and unsweetened.  We love to add a little vanilla in with our coffee!
    2. Coconut milk - the OG milk that comes straight from the source.  Find it in a can or in a carton. We love to cook with coconut milk and add it in soups or curries.  Also use it in your coffee for a rich smooth texture perfect as a creamer or in a latte.
    3. Oat milk - Oat milk has been trending over the past year like crazy! And it is certainly worth the hype.  The perfect combination of creaminess, just a pinch of oat milk to your morning brew starts the day right!
    4. Hemp Milk - This one might not be as common as the previous 3, but hemp milk is surely delicious and worth adding to your coffee or cereal, or on its own.  A similar consistency to oat milk but with a nutty flavor. 
  • Macadamia Milk - If you have not tried this milk alternative we certainly recommend it!  Definitely a good choice for coffee or with oatmeal, chia pudding, and much more.  A light yet delicious taste, with a distinct flavor.  This one might be a new favorite for us!

  • Which is your favorite?  Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tik Tok! And tag us in your Tylers Coffees® coffee concoctions! 

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