Comparing Low Acid & No Acid Coffees in 2020

Comparing Low Acid & Acid-Free Coffee in 2020

What is healthy coffee? Is it when it’s Organic? When it’s Fair Trade? Single Sourced? AAA Grade Beans…? While all of these are important, Acidity is the most predominant factor in a healthy cup of coffee.

This has been a newer subject for coffee connoisseurs and for health professionals alike however as the importance of keeping our bodies alkalined is becoming apparent, more individuals are now looking for an Acid Free/Low Acid cup of coffee. 

So what is Acid Free Coffee compared to Low Acid Coffee? When it comes to Low Acid options there are many different variations for how they achieve this ‘result’ however the smoother taste is usually its main benefit if not only benefit as these roasts are focussed on the flavor aspect in the cup and not the science behind the bean which makes it pH balanced and therefore healthier for you.

That’s where Tylers Coffee comes in. As the world first and only truly Acid Free Coffee we set the standards in healthy coffee. Even though some Low Acid Coffee blends can produce roasts which may be easier on the stomach they are still blooming the tannic and lipid acids which when introduced to your body are causes most of the common issues associated with coffee. These acids are essential for the growing process of the coffee bean however not essential for our bodies. Tylers Coffee has figured out a way to not bloom the tannic or lipid acids through our one-of-a-kind proprietary Z-Roaster for a bold, smooth, pH balanced cup of coffee. By not blooming these bad acids they are not introduced to your body at all and cannot wreak havoc on your stomach. 

This is one of the key aspects that makes Tylers Coffee different from any other coffee and why it’s the only blend some individuals with severe acid-reflux issues can enjoy. Combined with AAA Grade USDA Certified Organic Beans we take every measure in producing the healthiest, boldest, smoothest cup of coffee you’ll ever taste.

If decaf is your cup of choice you can also rest assured knowing that not only are all of the same measures mentioned above taken for your brew but we also only use the Swiss Water Decaffeination process which is by far the healthiest, purest way to decaffeinate.

With Tylers Acid-Free Coffee no extra steps are needed, just brew and enjoy a cup of coffee that will love you back. 

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