Don't Throw Those Grounds Away!

Don't Throw Those Grounds Away!

If you're like most coffee drinkers, your coffee grounds go from the filter directly into the trash bin. We're here to tell you that there's a better way!

Have you ever considered adding your coffee grounds to your plants? Coffee grounds make wonderful mulch and fertilizer. However, don't just throw it on top of the ground and walk away. There is a certain finesse to it. 


One of the biggest benefits to coffee grounds is that it can be used as mulch. All that you have to do is mix the coffee grounds with potting soil or dirt from your garden before spreading the mixture on top of your plants. Because Tylers Coffees® is Acid Free, you don't have to worry about the pH level of your soil or the coffee grounds affecting your plants negatively. 


Coffee grounds are nitrogen rich - this means excellent plant food! All you have to do is sprinkle a light dusting of the coffee grounds directly around the base of your plants and they will greatly benefit from having your old coffee grounds. Again, because Tylers Coffees® is Acid Free, you can feel safe using it on your plants without any adverse effects.

Worm Food:

Do you have a compost bin? If so, do you have worms in them to help break down the organic matter into mulch? Research has found that worms love coffee grounds - maybe for the same reasons that we do - it's just that good. At any rate, adding your coffee grounds to your compost bin or worm bin is really beneficial - and it makes great mulch!

Bug Repellent: 

Adding coffee grounds to your plants can aid as a natural bug repellent. It tends to work best on slugs, snails, and ants. So dust your outdoor plants with coffee grounds and then add a slight misting to the plants. Not only will your garden smell amazing, but bugs would rather find other plants to munch on, leaving yours alone.

This also works around the parameter of your home. If you notice that there's an area that's prone to bugs, add coffee grounds to that area as a natural insect repellent.

Word of Caution:

Remember that caffeine is bad for dogs - so if you are using regular grounds, using it in a manner that would give your dogs access to it may be a bad idea. We recommend you put it into mulch instead of sprinkling it directly. This will help to avoid your pet from ingesting it. Even though Tylers Coffees® Decaf Blend is 99% caffeine free, we still don't recommend that you make it accessible to your dog.


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