4 Healthy Foods To Try In March

4 Healthy Foods To Try In March

 .. AND reap all the benefits while you're at it


1) CINNAMON: an anti inflammatory antioxidant boost? YES PLEASE

Cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels as well as fight bacterial infections.  So sprinkle a little on your coffee this morning and reap all the benefits and enjoy the sweet taste of acid-free cinnamon coffee 


2) KAMUT: an ancient grain with a delicious nutty flavor.  This healthy carb offers support with hormonal balance, can help with tissue and bone health, and supports your immune system.  A cool way to eat Kamut is in cereal form (puffed kamut) or by heating it as a grain in soups, salads or even pancakes!

3) ACAI BERRIES: Brazilian natives these tasty berries have cancer fighting properties.  Try them in your morning smoothie or mixed in a yogurt bowl. These berries can also help with brain function and lower cholesterol.  

4) ARTICHOKES: A healthy addition to pasta or a salad Artichoke is high in folic acid, vitamin k and a variety of minerals and low in calories.  They may even help with digestive and liver health!




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