Saint Patrick's Day Facts

Saint Patrick's Day Facts


Whether or not you choose to celebrate yearly, Saint Patrick’s Day has a lot of history and cool facts that we would like to share.  We got our information on this Irish Holiday from 30 Amazing Facts About St. Patrick's Day - The Fact File.  While there are loads of facts, here are just a few, 

  1. Blue was the original color that represented St. Patrick, and over the years green took over as the festival color
  2. In the United States alone there are more than100 Saint Patrick’s Day parades held 
  3. Since 1962 the Chicago river has been dyed green to celebrate this day 
  4. The 1st Saint Patrick's Day celebration in the United States was all the way back in 1737 in Boston, MA. 
  5. It is a tradition to pinch someone who is not wearing green on this day!
  6. Corn beef and cabbage is often a traditional meal made to celebrate 
  7. The Shamrock was used by Saint Patrick to teach Pagans about his religious roots, and is now the official flower of Ireland.

We hope you have a great day celebrating and remember to enjoy our Acid-Free Coffee too!

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