Workout Wednesday Tips with Tylers

Workout Wednesday Tips with Tylers

Whether you’re working out from home or getting outside, here are a few benefits of the various types of workouts you might want to try!

High Impact Workouts

HIIT, running, basketball, tennis… just a few examples of some high impact ways to sweat.  The increased impact means the workout can be more time efficient (burn more in less time) and benefit your heart and lungs more quickly as well!  These types of activities can also speed up your metabolism for 24 hours! So if weight loss is your goal high impact might be for you.

Low Impact workouts

Low impact doesn’t always mean low intensity.  Workouts like swimming, cycling, walking, pilates, barre and yoga are all great low impact forms of exercise that not only get your heart rate up but give you a great sweat!  Low impact is also more gentle on your joints and doesn’t raise your cortisol levels like high intensity training does.  

Want to get outside and experience nature while still reaping heart healthy benefits?  Try hiking! A great way to get an aerobic workout, and the more hills the more burn!

 Try a cup of Tylers Coffee before your daily movement for a pre-workout boost! 

(For more info see our previous workout post on how coffee can boost your workout!)

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