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Today, every coffee blend on the market contains harmful Tannic and Lipid acids that are bloomed during the roasting process. As the Worlds First Organic Acid-Free Coffee, Tylers Coffee provides a healthier option and a solution for the more than 100 million individuals who have sensitive stomachs or suffer from acid-related modalities such as IC, OAB, GERD, Chrons, Colitis, and Pylori just to name a few. 
Being Acid-Free, Tylers Coffee is the healthiest coffee for you due to our Trade Secret roasting process which does not bloom the Tannic and Lipid acids in the coffee bean. These acids are what cause a lower pH, damage to the GI Tract, damage to tooth enamel, upset stomach, acid-reflux symptoms, heartburn, indigestion, bloating and a bitter after-bite.
Our Decaf Roast is Decaffeinated the healthiest possible way as well through Swiss Water Decaffeination, and our Regular Roast has a higher amount of natural caffeine thanks to our innovative roasting process. 
At this time we are selling to Natural Grocers, Hy-Vee, AJ's Fine Foods and hundreds of other smaller grocery stores. 

Check out our Store Locator to see where we are sold at! 

We pride ourselves in always roasting the highest quality Organic beans we can find and because our Roaster is monitored by a computer we can ensure that every roast will be exactly the same every time. 
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