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Regular Ground (12oz Bag)

Regular Ground (12oz Bag)

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Tylers Coffee is the world’s First and Only Acid Free coffee. We like to stick with the basics when it comes to your daily cup which is why we have brought our coffee down to a science in our Regular Ground (12oz Bag) Coffee.

We use only the finest AAA Arabica coffee beans, single-sourced from the healthiest farms of the prosperous Chiapas, Mexico. We pride ourselves in using only the best beans, which is why we have attained USDA Organic Certified AAA Arabica Beans to make every cup of our Regular Ground (12oz Bag) as smooth as the last.

Using our proprietary and All-Natural Z-Roasting Process, we can safely prevent harmful acids that normally bloom during the roasting process. Click here to learn more about our "Z-Roasting" Process. These harmful acids are known for causing and contributing to stomach related modalities that plague 1 out of every 3 Americans. These problems can be as small as minor Acid Reflux to Severe IC and IBS. Click Here to learn more about the health benefits of Acid Free Coffee. 

Because our process does not allow these acids to bloom, our Regular Ground (12oz Bag) can retain 2x the natural caffeine content as the leading brand in addition to adding absolutely no artificial caffeine. Along with no artificial caffeine, we add absolutely nothing else to the beans which allows us to maintain the USDA Organic Certification.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Edwiena Wyatt
No Acid Ground Coffee

I'm very satisfied with Tylers no acid ground coffee, very simple! Makes my morning perfect. Plus the no acid coffee helps me 100% with no bladder burning like before I bought this coffee. Intercystitial cystitis was raising its ugly head, but I have it under control now
Thank you all very much for a great product. Before IC I never knew there was no/low acid coffee. I'd recommend these for everyone health. I believe all that acid is causing more than we realize! Love u guys!

Lisa Meller
Our favorite - even for GROUPS!

This coffee was recommended to me by a leading naturopathic doctor and supplement manufacturer. We ordered 50 bags to make coffee for 300 people over 2 days and had it brewed at the conference hotel. This coffee was a hit! It is lightly nutty without bitterness, and my family now drinks it exclusively!

Kayla H.
I Might Just be Tyler’s Acid-Free Coffee’s Biggest Fan!

Since last summer, I have been buying the regular 12 oz ground bag, and the K-cups interchangeably when they were available at my neighborhood AJ’s. When they ran out & took waaaay too long to overstock, I bought the beans & ground them in store. Both times I couldn’t figure out the exact grind match to this pre-ground coffee bag & I was elated to see I could order directly from Tyler’s on auto-ship! This has replaced my Dutch Bros budget almost entirely! I’ve been unable to drink coffee for decades due to the acidity, but then I discovered Tyler’s!!! Where previously I had to drink 4-5 cups of tea in a day, the caffeine content is much higher in Tyler’s than plain coffee and, I must admit, is absolutely life-changing for me!!! If you have ADHD & don’t want to be on stimulants, this (& maybe some well chosen supplements) is the closest replacement! 😂. It also helped to improve an overactive bladder.
If Tyler’s had a fan club, I would be the President; I have told so very many people about it!!!!

Natalee Jamison
Best Acid Free Coffee!

Having been diagnosed with silent acid reflux only a year ago, I had to find some diet alternatives. I tried many coffee alternatives but Tyler’s is hands down the best!!

Great Coffee

Love Tyler’s Coffee. It is smooth and safe on an empty stomach.